NICRON® Traditional Cold Porcelain
NICRON® Traditional Cold Porcelain


NICRON® Traditional Cold Porcelain

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The best quality Cold Porcelain on the market, is a translucent porcelain clay. Available in:

500 Gram Pack
250 Gram Pack

Traditional Nicron Cold Porcelain is a very unique clay thanks to it's pearly appearance, which helps to highlight the colours in modelled figures.

It is a very easy to handle clay, ideal for making flowers and very thin, any kind of crafted pieces. Figures modelled with the traditional Nicron Cold Porcelain can be glued onto any type of surface or object using PVA white glue, or another glue of greater strength if required.

The Traditional Nicron Cold Porcelain standard type is translucent. Our Nicron pigments are highly concentrated colour specially formulated for mixing with Traditional Cold Porcelain. You could choose the colour from our colour range or alternatively you could also mix it with acrylic paint.

Traditional Nicron Cold Porcelain is a non-toxic clay and meets standards ASTM D 4236.