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Nicron EVA

Eva foam textured clay Available in: 280 Gram Packs

Nicron EVA® is the highest innovation in modelling clays. Its advanced technology allows you to work with an elastic and flexible clay with an ultra-light weight.

Nicron EVA does not deform when it dries, which allows for greater definition to all your pieces. It does not require mould release agents, and it is ideal to use with any type of moulds, including lace moulds. You can model, melt and correct any imperfection with only your hands. If you are working with EVA, no additional glue is required as one EVA modelled part will attach with another part as long as both are made in EVA. This will give your works a very clean finishing. However if you want to stick it on another material (wood, plastic, glass, textile ... etc) you can use the glue of your choice.

When drying, it has an appearance like EVA foam or foamy rubber, maintaining some flexibility over time. Its texture is soft, and it has a semi-matte appearance.

EVA is an extremely light, flexible and resistant clay. Here some examples of things you can do with EVA:

  • Masks

  • Cushions

  • Rings & Necklaces

  • Phone & Computer Cases

  • Flowers and many other things as far as your imagination can go!

    Our Nicron Pigments are highly concentrated color specially formulated for mixing withCold Porcelain EVA. You could choose the color from our color range or alternatively you could also mix it with acrylic paint, petals dust etc.

    Nicron EVA, is a non-toxic clay and meets standards ASTM D 4236.